What is the size of our backdrops?

We chose 53 x 90 cm (approx. 1,7ft by 3ft) which is optimal – you can take a photography of small scale for table top lifestyle scenes like food, jewellery, still-life, flatlays, clothes and accessories…

What is the price of a backdrop?

The price of one backdrop is 31,9 EUR. Solid coloured backdrops are priced 28 EUR.

Where are backdrops created?

Our backdrops are made in Germany and assembled and distributed from Spain to the World.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we are now start shipping to all countries.

Are your backdrops resistant to spills?

We’ve tested our backdrops with water, oil, fruits and vegetables… It leaves no stains on the surface. Just wipe it with a soapy damp cloth (for oil stains) in no time and it’s done!

How to take care of your backdrops?

  • After unpacking, you can use them directly, usually they do not keep that roll form, in case it is too rolled, place a cloth on top and iron the surface to flatten it completely.
  • Treat them with care, don’t scratch them with a knife and clean them gently.
  • Do not place a hot pan directly on them, better use a cloth so as not to wrinkle them.